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Napjcjd Gaming - YouTuber & Trophy Hunter


I am a huge sports fan and of course trophy hunter, I love watching and playing Baseball, Football And Basketball. I am also a huge wrestling fan WWE and AEW. Also a huge Metal Gear Solid and Sly Cooper fan. I started a YouTube channel Napjcjd Gaming and also this website in my free time to help people earn trophies on some of my favorite games. Please browse my site and feel free to ask me any trophy related questions.

MLB The Show 22 Cover

MLB The Show 2022 Trophy Guide

Madden NFL 2022 Trophy Guide

Madden NFL 2022 Cover
MLB The Show 2021 Cover

MLB The Show 2021 Trophy Guide

RBI Baseball 2021 Trophy Guide

NBA 2K21Cover.jfif

NBA 2K21 Trophy Guide

Madden NFL 21 Trophy Guides

Madden NFL 21 Cover
NBA 2K20 Cover.jfif

NBA 2K20 Trophy Guide

MLB The Show 20 Trophy Guide


RBI Baseball 19 Trophy Guide

WWE 2K20 Trophy Guide

WWE 2K20 Cover

My Newest YouTube Videos!

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