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Can you tell us a bit more about the person behind the PSN ID?


I am a huge sports fan and of course trophy hunter, I love watching and playing Baseball, Football And Basketball. Also a huge wrestling fan WWE and AEW. Also a huge Metal Gear Solid and Sly Cooper fan. I started a YouTube channel Napjcjd Gaming and also my own website in my free time to help people earn trophies on some of my favorite games.

As a Sly Cooper fan, what, if anything, do you think is next for everyone's favourite thieving anthropomorphic raccoon?


Hopefully a Sly Cooper 5 made by Sucker Punch Productions would be great. I would even be happy with a remaster for the existing games, Sly 4 can really use it for the load times lol.


What sort of setup do you have going back home for your gaming?


PlayStation 5 is hooked up to a 60-inch TV, and my PS4 and PS3 share time on a smaller TV. PS Vita has also been getting more love as I finally have had time to play some games in my PS Plus backlog.


How long have you been gaming and what made you decide PlayStation as your gaming companion?


20 Years playing games like Madden, NBA Live and MLB on PlayStation 1, then finally on the PlayStation 2 I loved the Sly Cooper Series.


What was the last game you bought, and what's the next one you’re looking forward to?


Resident Evil 3 Remake was my most recent purchase, Madden NFL 22 is the next game I am looking forward to, and I am also looking forward to Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart.

If you had the chance to improve the PlayStation and/or PSN store, what one thing would you like to see implemented?

Allow us to purchase delisted games DLC if we already own the main game.

I too would love to see delisted games and DLC made available again on the PlayStation Store. Are there any games or DLCs that you missed out on that you would like to get a chance to play?


DLCs for Scott Pilgrim PS3 Version, Zombie Apocalypse Never Die, and Madden NFL 10 AFL DLC to get the 100% for all of those lol. Retro City Rampage is another game that was delisted that I would like to see return as many PS Plus members lost out because the DX Version replaced it on the store (separate trophy list.) 


If you could add one title to the PSN store from any gaming system past or present what would it be?


Donkey Kong Country 1, I always had a blast playing that game on multiple Nintendo systems.


How much of a certified trophy whore are you? Does the trophy list play any part in the decision to play or buy a game, or do you base that decision entirely on the game?


90% certified lol. For PS Plus, and PS Now games, I always check out the trophy lists before starting any new game or series, however if it's a series I enjoy such as Metal Gear Solid, MLB The Show, Resident Evil, WWE, I will play the game regardless and try to get the 100%. 


What would you say was your proudest platinum and why?


This is a tough question as I have a lot of platinums that I am proud of such as WWE 13, NBA 2K19, Metal Gear Solid 4 and many more. However if I had to choose, I would say Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance as I couldn't beat the game on Normal and had to revert to Easy at first, and eventually I defeated all bosses with no damage and completed all those crazy VR Missions (and destroyed my analog sticks in the process lol).

If the end of the world was nigh and you had to grab three games/franchises to take with you to play out your final days to, what would they be?

Sly Cooper And The Thievius Raccoonus

Metal Gear Solid V

WWE Here Comes The Pain


You have authored multiple sports guides for this site. Do you have a particular interest in sports games, and if so, what makes them so appealing to you?

Yes, I love sports games, I buy them every year since I enjoy working on rosters and playing with my favorite teams each year.


What do you enjoy most about the guide writing process?


I enjoy finding the best methods of achieving trophies and finding alternate methods if possible to help users earn the trophies as fast as possible.

What brought you to PST and what keeps you coming back?


I believe the first game I looked up a guide for was Infamous 1 and that is what helped me first discover this site. Whenever I get stuck on a trophy or briefly check out a guide before starting a new game, my first choice is always PST.

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