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WWE 2K20 Trophy Guide and Roadmap

Updated: Nov 4, 2021

WWE 2K20


Estimated trophy difficulty: 5/10

Offline trophies: 48

Online trophies: 4

Approximate amount of time to platinum: 36-50 Hours or more depending on Road To Glory method/skill

Minimum number of playthroughs: 1 Showcase Mode + 1 Roman Reigns Tower + 1 MyCareer + 50 or more Road To Glory matches + 50 or more Universe Mode matches + Multiple Play Mode Matches

Number of missable trophies: 1 High Pressure Situation as the Road To Glory Main Events are only active on the day of actual WWE PPVS

Does difficulty affect trophies?: Some modes have a set difficulty for the ones that don’t play on Easy

Overview Welcome to WWE 2k20 this year we have a new control scheme that will take some getting used, you will being playing a variety of modes to unlock all trophies this year. There is no set order to tackle these trophies, the only thing I recommend in terms of order is doing MyCareer Mode before you start Road to Glory as this will allow you to increase your overall and abilities before playing against others.

Suggested Settings:

Difficulty Easy

Weight Detection Simulation

Superstar HUD On

Reversal Prompt On

Step 1 Universe Mode

You will need to play and win 50 matches in Universe mode and then create a major show, and finally simulate one year total to achieve the rest of the trophies, this is a good place to also learn the new controls introduced this year.

Step 2 Play Now/Exhibition Mode

A majority of the trophies can be earned in exhibition mode so now that you are more familiar with the controls from your 50 matches in Universe mode you should be able to knock these out pretty quickly. Most Play Now trophies revolve around performing paybacks so you will be using multiple characters to unlock these trophies.

Step 3 MyCareer Mode

Next you can jump into myCareer mode and work on building your female and Male characters abilities and overalls before jumping into online play. You will earn 4 trophies for completing the 18 chapters of My Career Mode

Step 4 Road To Glory/MyPlayer Towers

Now that you completed MyCareer mode you can begin playing Road To Glory as your created MyPlayers now should have a good overall and abilities for your superstars.

Step 5 Roman Reigns Tower

This could be tricky for some since all matches are on Legend difficulty however if you were able to win 50 matches against real players you should now be able to win these matches without to many problems.

Step 6 2K Showcase mode

Now you can set the difficulty back to easy and complete each objective to get through the showcase.

Step 7 Cleanup

Now would be the time to clean up any trophies you may have missed in play now mode or in creations mode, and earn the platinum.

Trophy Guide:

All Trophies Earned

Earn all trophies.

As usual earn all other trophies to unlock the platinum

I get knocked down…

Use Payback Instant Recovery to quickly rise after being knocked down. (PLAY mode against A.I.)

As the description states you must do this in play now mode. You can use anyone for this trophy but I suggest The Rock as he has Instant Recovery by default. Simply start the match and do nothing, let your opponent damage you until your payback 1 meter (yellow) is full. Once it is full it will begin to flash. Once it is flashing let your opponent knock you to the ground, quickly press R2 + Triangle to use Instant Recover.

I got the Poison

Use Payback Spray Poison Mist to your opponent's face. (PLAY mode against A.I.)

Start a play now match as Papa Shango let your opponent beat you up until your red payback meter is then go on the offensive and press r2 and triangle to activate the payback, once you have the opponent groggy press r2 and triangle again to use the poison mist on your opponent. Note this will get you disqualified if you are in a normal match.

I'll be there for you!

Activate the Run-In Payback. (PLAY mode against A.I.) This is a level 2 payback that doesn’t work in all match types so do a normal 1 on 1 match. Use someone such as Kevin Nash or Scott Dawson as they have the payback by default. Simply let your opponent keep damaging you until your red payback meter is full and press r2 and triangle and an ally will come out and help you and the trophy will pop.

No Tanks!

Use the Tank buff to minimize damage from your opponent's Finisher. (PLAY mode agaisnt A.I.) Again you will want to let your opponent beat you up until the red payback meters full let the A.I earn a finisher and before they do the finisher best time would be right before a wakeup taunt press r2 and triangle which makes you take less damage. Once active let the A.I hit their finisher without reversing it before the meter runs out Jim Nedhart has the Tank Buff payback by default.


Use Payback Low Blow to slow your opponent down. (PLAY mode against A.I.)

You will be doing exactly the same thing as you did for I got The Posion but this time using the Low Blow payback, Shinsuke Nakamura and Ric Flair’88 have the Low Blow payback by default. Use R2 + Triangle to activate it then press R2 + Triangle again while the opponent is standing.


Defeat your opponent with their own Finisher. (PLAY mode against A.I.)

Another trophy using a level 2 payback for this one you will need the move thief payback. You will have to get the red meter full again l. You will want to get your opponent red and earn a finisher slot. Once you earned the finisher press r2 and triangle to activate the payback then press square and x at the same time to hit their own finisher against them then pin or submit them to win. You can have both superstars start with a finisher by editing the match options using triangle to make this easier.

By Gawd!

Put your opponent through the top of the cell. (PLAY mode against A.I.)

Play a Hell in a cell match in exhibition mode go to match options and set finishers to 3 exit the ring with R1 and irish whip your opponent into one of the cell corners use an omg finisher triangle and circle to break through the cell and get to the outside climb the cell with r1 now go to the middle of the cell and do 1 move to bend the cell panel now do another and your opponent will fall through it and land in the ring.

Never look back

Steel Cage: Escape through the door. (PLAY mode against A.I.) Start a one on one steel cage match in play mode damage your opponent until they are red then hit your finisher to keep them down, once you hit your finisher go to the corner where the door is and press L1 to call for the door to be open once open press R1 to make your exit.

Cash Me Out

Win a Title by cashing in your custom MITB. (PLAY mode against A.I.) First go to creations MITB and create a MITB briefcase next go to roster then MITB Management and assign the briefcase to someone, the target will be the universal champ bu default. So set up a match between the MITB holder and the universal champion, press r3 to make it a title match then select championship and select the universal title, A prompt will then come out saying “By using the Money In The Bank briefcase, you can challenge the title holder for a title match.... Press yes then win the match by pinfall or submission to win the Universal title and unlock the trophy.

Fond Memories

SHOWCASE: Clear all matches.

Play on easy mode and complete each match by completing all the objectives, if you are having difficulty completing a certain objective you can pause the game and it will tell you exactly what you need to do if you go to objectives info. There are 15 matches in total and doing the objectives as quickly as possible will help you complete the matches quicker.

Stepping Stone

MyPLAYER TOWERS: Complete one Tower. Simply choose any myplayer tower by going to the myplayer tab and going to collection tower doesnt matter which one and win all the matches in the tower. I suggest choosing first steps or Opening act as they are Steps towers which means you dont need to win all matches consecutively.

A Fighter

2K CENTRAL TOWERS: Clear Roman Reigns' Tower You can access this from the 2K Central tab then press 2K Central Tower, You will have to win 16 matches using Roman Reigns on Legend difficulty, You dont have tasks in these matches like you do in showcase mode so win by any means necessary by Pinfall, Submission, Countout Or Disqualification.


MyPLAYER: Reach Prestige Rank 2.

This will come naturally from completing MyCareer Mode and going for the Road To Glory Trophies. I received this after winning the 50 matches in Road To Glory and completing the first 4 chapters of mycareer mode.

A road well traveled

ROAD TO GLORY: Win 50 matches.

There are two ways of earning this trophy. 1) Beat real people online until you win 50 matches. If you are going this route I highly recommend finishing MyCareer mode first so you can level up your Myplayer first to stand a better chance at winning. 2) Qualify for a Road to Glory event by gaining enough stars through MyPlayer Towers (It will tell you how many stars are needed to qualify and when the event starts in the menu hub) Once the event begins keep winning against the A.I in these event matches over and over again until you win 50 matches. Countout wins do count for the trophy and will help you get the 50 wins faster. You can check how many wins you have by going to the Reign Supreme side plate but note that the number of wins also includes Myplayer Tower wins not just Road To Glory Wins

Star Power

ROAD TO GLORY: Win 10 matches.

See A road well traveled

High Pressure Situation

ROAD TO GLORY: Win a Main Event in a PPV. Road to Glory Main Events appear the same week as real WWE PPVs. First you must qualify by earning a certain number of stars (match star ratings) You can either earn match stars from Myplayer Towers against the A.I or in Road to Glory matches against other players created Myplayers. Once you have enough stars you will unlock different matches for the event versus the a.i and you need to win all undercard matches (usually 4 before unlocking the main event unlocks) and finally win the main event. You can try the main event as many times as you want until the road to glory event is over simply win once to unlock the trophy. You can also use VC to buy your way into the ppv the amount varies but it should be roughly around 25,000 VC (Extreme Rules costs 26,250)

SNICKERS. Hunger to Win > Hunger

UNIVERSE: Play and Win 50 matches.

Start a new universe mode and play on easy difficulty and u can play any match type that you would like and simply win 50 matches. If you would like to do this quickly you can either do cage matches and try to just climb out faster then the ai once they begin climbing or win matches via countout by running up the stage then knocking your opponent down at a 7 count and getting back in the ring before the 10 count. You must play all matches simulating doesn’t count.


Use Payback Rush to steal 3 finishers in one match. First assign payback rush to the superstar you want to use, then create an 8 man match with ringout off and allow everyone to start with 3 finishers, let the opponents damage you until you can activate your red level 2 payback once you activate it you have to run around and knock your opponent over with L2 and steal a finisher, since its a eight man match and each opponent should still have a finisher stored you should have no trouble steal 3 finishers.


Use Payback Fortify to deflect 1000 total damage. Assign payback fortify to any superstar you would like and let your opponent damage you until the red payback meter is flashing. You will want to wait until right before your opponent is about to hit their finisher so you can deflect as much damage as possible.


Win by performing a Pin Combo, through a Signature or Finisher.(PLAY mode against A.I.) Another play mode trophy play on easy mode, use the Undertaker’91 earn a finisher and do the Tombstone using Square + X and press circle to use the pin combo. It may take more then one finisher to get the victory.

End Game

Win a Royal Rumble as entrant #1 or #2 against AI.(PLAY mode against A.I.)

As the trophy description states you must win from #1 or #2 start a Royal Rumble and play on easy mode. You will want to try and eliminate each person as they come into the match by Irish whipping them over the top rope then trying to punch them 3 times. You should use someone with resilency as this can help you escape elimination. If you are having difficulty winning a 30 man rumble some users have reported they got the trophy winning a 10 or 20 man rumble so if you are having difficulty you can try one of those. Note: try not to use custom superstars in the rumble as the game has a habit of crashing when using custom superstars.


PLAY: Take control of a Superstar and win a Tournament against AI with "DAMAGE RETENTION" enabled. Tournament’s can only be done in play now mode so thats where

you will select this, before selecting your superstars make sure to set damage retention to on and choose a superstar to use from the first to the final round and win all the matches. You should play on easy as damage retention will carry damage sustained from one match to the next.

My Favorite!

Equip a single favorite weapon for a match and grab it from under the apron.

A new option this year is setting your favorite weapon, this can be found by editing the match options after selecting your character, once you go through the match rules you will be able to change your favorite weapon and put in under the ring. Select any of your unlocked weapons and have it put under the ring in a no dq match then when you pull up the weapon select one of your favorite that you put their by using R1 to go under the ring.

A Good Year

UNIVERSE: Complete a year of Universe.

Start a new universe and simulate exactly one year using the calendar. You can also do a combination of playing and simulation of you are going for the 50 Wins in universe trophy.

An Original

CREATIONS: Create a unique Superstar with their own Moveset, Entrance, and Victory pose. First you will have to create a custom superstar by going into create a wrestler mode once there you can just accept the default and save then go into create a moveset and change a few moves, then go to create an entrance and change one of the animations, finally go to create a victory and change one of the animations here and the trophy will be yours.

Take it easy

Play one Match using Assist Mode.(PLAY mode against A.I.)

Go to gameplay settings and turn assist mode on which will pick the best move for you to do given the situation, it doesnt matter if you win or lose simply finish the match for the trophy

Good Ratings

UNIVERSE: Complete a Month of Shows.

See A Good Year

Reliable Worker

MyPLAYER: Complete a Side Plate.

Side plates can be accessed from the myplayer tab and can be achieved in Road to Glory or Myplayer towers depending on the requirements the easiest side plat to achieve is the Balanced Effort side plate which you need to attempt 4 pins, 4 submissions, 4 signatures and 4 finishers all in one match. Another easy one is Conqueror as it only has 3 requirements play 1 hour of towers win a 5 star towers match on legend and collect 100 stars in towers these can all be done against the A.I which could make them easier to achieve.

Squad Up

As a Tag Team, perform your Tag Team Move.(PLAY mode against A.I.)) This trophy seems alittle misleading as it makes it seem like you need to hit a tag team finisher but that is not the case, all you need to do is start a normal tag team match and irish whip your opponent into your teams corner and press X to execute a tag team move.


MyPLAYER: Use a Boost in a match.

Boosts are found in packs you purchase simply purchase a few packs from the loot pack store under the customize option on the myplayer HUB then equip your boosts from the myplayer hub by pressing square and start a tower or road to glory match with your myplayer.

It's Showtime

UNIVERSE: Create a new Major Show in Universe.

Simple start a New universe go to calender and pick a day besides Sunday that doesnt have an existing show and press triangle on that day and it will ask you to choose a major or minor show, choose major then pick some superstars and a champion for the show.

Fighting words

UNIVERSE: Activate a potential Rivalry.

You can get this by just simulating universe mode, just make sure not to turn rivalries off.

An Iconic Duo

Perform a Dual Attack in a Mixed Gender Match.(PLAY mode against A.I.) This can only be done in a Mixed tag match and Irish whip your opponent into your teams corner and press x to preform a double team move.

No Refunds

Send your Opponent through a table. (PLAY mode against A.I.) Start any match type with dq off and start with 3 finishers go under the ring and set up a table then drag your opponent to the table and hit a table finisher or set them up for a dive by placing them on the table.

Reversal of Fortune

Reverse a Finisher. (PLAY mode against A.I.) To make this quicker edit the match settings and start with 3 finishers for your opponent and simply use triangle when the opponent is going to grab you. If you are having difficulty play on easy, turn reverse limits off and keep the reversal prompt on to help you.


Break free from a Carry. (PLAY mode against A.I.) The best place to earn this is in the royal rumble as your opponents will try to carry you often. Play on easy mode and once the opponent carrys you will need to rapidly press circle to escape the carry

Enemy of the People

Defend successfully against elimination in a Royal Rumble match. (PLAY mode against A.I.) Play on easy mode and start a royal rumble as number 1 before taking much damage go near the ropes so when the A.I hits you u land on the ropes then they will try to eliminate you. Since you haven’t taken much damage you should easily be able to win the button mash minigame. Alternatively you can use someone with resiliency and once your meters full and they try to eliminate you use resilency to automatically avoid elimination.

Attack of Opportunity

Attack a Groggy Opponent with a Diving Attack from the Top Rope.(PLAY mode against A.I.) Simple trophy here start a match with someone who can jump off the top rope like Rey Mysterio, damage your opponent until they are orange, once you knock them down go to the top rope by running to any of the four corners with L2, once on the top rope use the up directional button to do a wakeup taunt they will get up and be groggy then press square to jump on them and unlock the trophy

No Surrender

Break out of a Submission without overlapping once.(PLAY mode against A.I.)

Start a match using someone who has resiliency such as Roman Reigns, let your opponent damage you until you earn your level 2 payback, now once they put you in a submission immediately press R2 + Triangle to use resiliency to break out of the hold thus never overlapping. If you are having difficulty being put in a submission by the A.I versus someone who only has a submission finisher such as Bret Hart or Ric Flair


Finish an opponent without landing a finisher or signature. (PLAY mode against A.I.) You can do this on easy mode via submission as it is very easy to tap out your opponent on easy mode, you can also do this in a royal rumble or over the top rope battle royal where it isn’t necessary to pin your opponent to win.


Use the Adrenaline Payback to Carry an opponent over your weight class. (PLAY mode against A.I.) First make sure you have weight detection set to simulation, next choose someone with the Adrenaline payback such as Buddy Murphy against a opponent in a higher weight class I choose Drew Mcintyre then you will want to let the A.I damage you until you earn your Level 2 payback then once it is ready activate it by pressing R2 + Triangle then finally to carry your opponent press R2 and the right analog stick in any direction

Road Trip!

MyCAREER: Clear Chapter 1.

I suggest playing Mycareer mode which is accessed from the myplayer Hub on Easy mode. Mycareer will mostly be about completing objectives to continue the story. Chapter 1 objectives are easy you start in the women’s money in the bank ladder match and have to get Ronda Rousey’s health to yellow then Red for that match then you will have one more match in the chapter against the antagonist of the story Brooklyn Von Braun you will just need to get her health to red also.

Get outta Town!

MyCAREER: Clear Chapter 4.

Chapter 4 has 2 matches one using your femal myplayer against Lita which you just need to win by pinfall or submission, this match has no objectives then the second match is with your Male MyPlayer against Jerry Lawler where the only objective is to complete the match.

Paving the Way

MyCAREER: Clear Chapter 10.

Chapter 10 continues where you left off in the MITB ladder match from chapter one. The only objective here is to win the match by grabbing the briefcase. Next Carmella will attack you backstage and you will need to damage her to yellow health, next you will have to run to the front of the backstage area that connects to the entrance, after this a cutscene will play, Carmella will run near the parking lot and you will then have to get her to red health, finally once thats done you will need to hit your finisher on Carmella near the parked Garbage truck which is on the lefthand side of the parking lot. Once all thats finally over you will face Carmella again and this time you will have to beat her by pinfall or submission to finish the chapter

The Best

MyCAREER: Clear Chapter 18.

Finally the last chapter you have one last match at Wrestlemania, it is a mixed tag match against Cyborg Samoa Joe (lol) and Brooklyn Von Braun using Tre in this match all you need to do is get Samoa Joe to red health is the only objective for this one then a cutscene will play out the ending of this match.

Nothing Personal, Kid

Hit your Finisher immediately after activating Blackout Payback. (PLAY mode against A.I.) Start a one on one match in play now mode using someone such as The Undertaker who has the blackout by default. Earn a finisher then let your opponent damage until your earn your payback two (red) press R2 + Triangle to activate the payback which with make the lights go out and you will be behind your opponent now press Square and X to hit your finisher.

Playing Possum

Finish your opponent using a possum pin. (PLAY mode against A.I.)

This trophy can be a bit of a pain first you will need the level 1 payback possum pin Booker T is who I used as he has it be default. Next you will want to damage your opponent with a few finishers so when you go for the pin it ends the match. The possum pin is a level 1 payback so you only need to fill the yellow meter then have your opponent knock you to the ground Hold R2 and press circle to attempt the possum pin when the opponent walks near you. It seems you need to be facing up in order to attempt the pin as facing downward will just trip the opponent and not go for a pin. Note you can use L3 to switch

Cage Top Drop

Steel Cage: Push off an opponent from atop the Cage. (PLAY mode against A.I.)

Start a steel cage match in play now mode let your opponent do a few moves to you then they will likely begin to climb, you should strike them once to reset their progress with square then press R1 to begin your climb right beside them, once your a both on the top of the cage grapple the opponent with the X button if you successfully grapple them 2 or 3 times you will push them off the top of the cage.


CREATE: Create your own Arena.

Go to creations then Arena press new and press the options button to save an arena and the trophy is yours.

Rare Foil

STORE: Open a Loot Pack.

Go to MyPlayer then Customize then Loot pack store you will earn Tokens from ranking up which you can earn from Mycareer or alternatively you can buy tokens with VC 4000 will be enough to get 400 Silver tokens which can buy you multiple packs.

Ready for my Closeup

Attack an opponent with the Tripod Foreign Object (PLAY mode against A.I.)

To unlock the Tripod Foreign object you must first complete chapter 11 in Mycareer mode. Once you unlock it start a no holds barred or extreme rules match got to match options with triangle custom match rules and get to the 4th match rules step go kendo sticks then select Tripod. Once the match starts exit the ring with R1 and then go to the middle of the apron to go under the ring and it will be one of your options on the weapon wheel. Press L3 and x to select it then hit your opponent with it using square.

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