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MLB The Show 20 Trophy Guide and Roadmap

Updated: Nov 4, 2021

King Of The Diamond!

Earn all of The Show™ 20 Trophies.

As the description says earn every other trophy to unlock the platinum

Solid Gold!

Equip your entire Diamond Dynasty team with Gold tier player cards or better. (Set 25 player roster in My Squad.)

You need to have 25 gold or better players in your lineup. I recommend getting 25 live series players as you need 30 gold live series players for the Gold Collector Trophy anyway. You can acquire gold players in few different methods, 1) Acquire gold players cheaply from the community market most can be acquired for 1500 stubs or less. 2) By exchanging silvers for golds in the exchange section of Diamond Dynasty 3) completing showdowns 4) hidden conquest pack rewards. 5) You can also earn golds from completing team collections but these will not help you with Gold Collector. 6) Purchase packs from the store and hope to pull golds.

Gold Collector

Collect any 30 Gold tier player cards. (Complete this trophy within Diamond Dynasty "Collect" menu, inside the "Collections" tile.)

The description is alittle misleading as you must collect 30 live series players, legends don’t count for this trophy, you can filter for live series players only when searching for them in the community market. Once you acquire 30 unique live series golds you must lock the collection in under the trophies section 30 or more golds receive the trophy. See Solid Gold! for more tips for acquiring Gold players

Show Them Who's Boss

Win a Final Showdown in Diamond Dynasty.

For this trophy you need to win the final showdown to do so enter showdown mode in diamond dynasty.

I recommend doing the starter showdown as its free and you only need to score 5 runs or less. The way showdown mode works is you start with a default score in this case you are losing 4-0 with 20 outs to score. You can skip straight to the final showdown immediately if you think your up for the challenge, if not you can do the other challenges first to help acquire better players for your showdown squad and /or make the deficit smaller for the final showdown. Note if you lose either a regular showdown or final showdown you will have to start over from the beginning.

Down But Not Out

Tie the score after being down by 3 runs in a game. (This trophy is not awarded if completed in a local multiplayer game, practice mode, or by switching teams.)

Play on beginner as the home team and give up 3 runs by intentional walking all batter after getting 2 outs, then you have the whole game to comeback. If you are having difficulty you can turn all the sliders in your favor aswell.

One Run For Each One

Score a run or more in each inning of a full 9-inning game. (This trophy is not awarded if completed in a local multiplayer game, practice mode, RTTS, or by switching teams.)

For this trophy you should be the away team and play on beginner. Use a legends or all star team against a double A team and set all user hitting sliders to max and set all fielding sliders to worst and make your baserunners speed maximum. I suggest playing in the polo grounds as you can get some easy inside the park homers. From here you have to score 1 or more runs each inning for all 9 innings it may take a few tries but with the sliders in your favor you should be able to do it. 


Accumulate 10,000 points or more in one session of any single week of Challenge of the Week.

For this trophy you have to score 10,000 in challenge of the week mode, which can be found in mini modes. What you want to do first is take notice of the bonuses as they give a good amount of points. What I like to do is just the normal swing (x button) until i get to 2 strikes, then i switch to the contact swing (circle) this will allow you a better chance to make contact and keep your multiplier in tack. I also recommend using the contact swing for hall of fame and legend if you reach those difficulties as the timing is alot more strict.

The Road Is A Long Journey...

Complete a full regular season in March to October.

For this trophy you must complete a full regular season of march to october the team and difficulty you pick doesnt matter so feel free to choose whatever for these settings. In this mode you will be playing key moments from different games throughout the season. You will usually enter the game from the 6th inning or later. You will not be playing every game but rather every couple. It doesn’t matter if you win or lose the games you just have to make it to the end of the season. It should take between 3-4 hours to complete a season.


Conquer any conquest map to 100% completion (Not including the "Starter Map.")

This trophy must be done in conquest mode You can do it on any map you like besides the starter map. The key to conquest is getting as many tiles or territories under your control at once in order to gain fans and help you get reinforcements. When you have a comfortable advantage over your opponent you can simulate and take territories away that they possess. Stealing fans can also make the stronghold games easier. See the video below to see how I did the Mothers Day Conquest board

This Day In Baseball History

Complete any Diamond Dynasty Moment. (Not including the "tutorial" or a "Showdown.")

-Once you complete the tutorial go to moments and choose any moments challenge, I suggest doing the win the shoes moments challenge as all you had to do was get 1 hit on rookie.

They're All Mine!

Collect any 10 equipment items. (Complete this trophy within Diamond Dynasty "Collect" menu, inside the "Collections" tile.)

For this trophy you need to collect 10 equipment items then lock them into the collection. You will receive equipment though packs and daily login rewards but if you want to speed this up you can buy all silver equipment for which should cost you less than 1000 stubs. Once you have 10 items go to collections then scroll over to collections and lock in 10 items to earn this trophy. Note: Under starter collections there is a collection for a equipment this will not unlock the trophy but since you have to lock in these items and cannot resell them you should also complete this collection to earn extra xp and stubs.

See Ya!

Strike out a batter with three pitches. (This trophy is not awarded if quick counts are on, if completed in a local multiplayer game, practice mode, or by switching teams.)

This should come naturally strike out a batter in 3 pitches but if you are having difficulty choose a legend or all star team against a double A team set the difficulty to beginner and change the computers contact, timing, and foul frequency to 0

Slam It!

Equip any new bat slam animation onto your Road to the Show or Diamond Dynasty character.

For this trophy you have to apply one of the new slam animations to either your road to the show or diamond dynasty created player, first create your player in either mode then go to the community market under animations then filter to no doubt home run animations. Next purchase 1 of the animation(make sure it says bat slam in the description as a bat flip animation will not unlock the trophy. Finally go to your my players animations and change the default to the animation you purchased. Please note lefty and righty have different animations to be purchased you can change bat hand at anytime under your players general information.

The Show Showdown!

Participate in a Diamond Dynasty Showdown.

Simply enter any showdown through the Diamond Dynasty menu, I suggest the starter showdown as it has no entry fee

That Looks Nice

Equip a nameplate and icon onto your Universal Profile.

- Press the middle button to pull up the quick menu then scroll down to universal profile,then use r1 to scroll over to nameplates choose anything besides the default then press r1 again and choose anything but the default for icons.

Not On My Watch

Throw a "Perfect Throw" to home for an out from the outfield. (This trophy is not awarded if completed in a local multiplayer game, practice mode, or by switching teams.)

For this trophy you have to make a “perfect throw” from the outfield and throw out a runner trying to score at home. What you want to do first is set your fielding throwing to Meter so you will know when you have made a perfect throw. The meter does take some practice getting used to. Next you want to edit all 3 of your outfielders so they have all 99s for their fielding ability, speed, throwing accuracy and throwing power. Next you want to set all hitters on the opposing teams base running aggressiveness to a 99. Then you will want to set the sliders for field speed to max and errors to minimum. Finally load up a game on beginner difficulty and walk the bases loaded with intentional walks using L1 and circle. Once the bases are loaded try to get the batter to hit a fly ball to one of your outfielders, eventually you should be able to get an opportunity when they try to tag up. You will know you had a perfect throw when the meter lines up perfectly in the middle where the homeplate icon is.

Alternatively you can try in road to the show by using an outfielder and using showtiming to try for the perfect throw

Show Me the Way to Go Home

Have the same player collect two RBI's before scoring a run within a game. (This trophy is not awarded if completed in a local multiplayer game, practice mode, or by switching teams.)

The description makes this trophy sound more difficult then it really is. I recommend using the same settings/sliders as the One Run For Each One trophy. Start a new game as the visiting team get 2 runners on base without scoring a run then when your 3rd hitter gets up hit a single, double or triple and score both runners on the play.

Secret Trophies

Silver But It Feels Like Gold

Reach Silver level 1 in your Universal Profile.

This will likely be the last trophy you will earn and I recommend going for it last also as you will likely earn all other trophies and still have alot of leveling up to still do. There are alot of ways to earn XP the quickest in my opinion is completing team collections, every 10 cards you lock in per team will give you a good amount of xp. What I recommend doing once you have around 30,000 stubs is to collect 30 players per team by purchasing players through the community market and trying to get them as cheaply as possible by putting in the sell now price 1 higher then it currently is. Using this method you can get Most commons for 5-10 stubs this way. Bronzes from 25-50 stubs and Silvers go from 100-200 stubs. Once you get all mlb teams to 30 collected players you should be between levels 40-60 depending how much you played. Another good way to earn xp is moments challenges as they are mostly quick which helps you earn alot fast. If you can complete all Affinity stage 1 moments challenges you can earn a bonus 15,000 xp. If you are good at winning online playing ranked seasons is also a great way to earn XP as you get an XP bonus every 100 points you earn from 200 onwards. If you are able to win alot of games in a row and get your point total in the 600 or 700 range you can earn enough XP to jump a whole level or 2 just as a bonus for reaching that division. Just playing the game will also earn you xp albeit it being a much slower pace then the methods mentioned above, if you are determined to earn just though playing the game remember you can adjust sliders and difficulty to earn more xp a game, when you score more runs an inning you will earn more XP.

Baseball Passport

Collect all 30 Major League Baseball Stadium cards. (Complete this trophy within Diamond Dynasty "Collect" menu, inside the "Collections" tile.)

You have two ways of going for this you can either get all the stadiums from the community market where they are pretty cheap or you can earn them all for free by getting 5 affinity for each team by completing moments, collections or missions for each team. Once you have all the MLB trophies you have to lock in the collection to earn the trophy. Minor league and classic stadiums are not need for this trophy.

It's So Pretty!

Collect any Diamond level player card. (Complete this trophy within Diamond Dynasty "Collect" menu, inside the "Collections" tile.)

You can earn a diamond player in a variety of ways, including from the community market, conquest rewards, XP reward pack or earning 300 inning program stars. Once you have one diamond player on your team go to the trophies collection tile and lock the card in.

Halfway There!

Reach level 50 in your Universal Profile.

See Silver but it Feels Like Gold For Tips

That Felt Good!

Hit with "Perfect Hit" contact for a home run.

This will likely come naturally while going for other trophies. If you are having difficulty set the difficulty to Beginner and increase the following sliders to Maximum Human Contact, Timing, Power and Solid Hits to increase your chances. To help even more play in a small ball park such as Philly Or Yankees Stadium


Hit a 400+ ft home run.

This should happen without trying but if you are having difficulty play on beginner difficulty and set the human power solid hits and timing to maximum and use a legandary player who has 99 power or edit your lineup so everyone has 99 power.

Got'em Coach!

Throw out a runner attempting to steal by hitting the "Perfect Throw." (This trophy is not awarded if completed in a local multiplayer game, practice mode, or by switching teams.)

Create a catcher in road to the show and set fielding opportunities to all, you will then have plenty of opportunities to make the perfect throw with show timing which in my opinion is alot easier then the buttons accuracy meter. This can be earned a early as the first showcase game.

And So It Begins...

Reach level 10 in your Universal Profile.

See Silver but it Feels Like Gold For Tips

Blast From The Past!

Collect any Silver tier Legend or Flashback card. (Complete this trophy within Diamond Dynasty "Collect" menu, inside the "Collections" tile.)

- Go to the community market then MLB cards next press square to bring up the filters set minimum overall to 75 and maximum to 79 (this is the silver tier) change sets to legend purchase the cheapest one (buy now price) then go to the diamond dynasty menu scroll over to collect then collections scroll all the way to the right to where it says trophies press the 1st 1 that says 1 flashback or legend,scroll to the card you just purchased then press x in them a check-mark should now appear finally press the options button (start) then yes to the collect the item and earn the trophy.

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